Pyragon Ground Loop Isolators

These isolators are a good solution for solving ground loop problems in a process environment. Each isolator is powered in a different way. This gives the user many options to come up with the best ground loop elimination solution.

Model 10 Loop Isolator

Model 10 Hockey Puck Style Ground Loop Isolator

The Model 10 is an input loop powered Isolator. It takes any mADC signal from 4 to 50 mADC and provides a corresponding isolated mADC signal on the output. The Model 10 derives it's power from the input mADC loop. The chart on the data sheet details the available ohm drive capability dependent upon the loop voltage available and the current being isolated. It requires no other source of power.

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Model 2513T/2533T 3 Wire Isolator

Model 2513T and 2533T, 3 Wire Isolator

The 2513T (VDC output) and 2533T (mADC output) are 3 wire output loop powered isolators that share a common negative between the power and output circuit. The input is isolated from the output/power circuits. The output on this isolator can go to either zero volts or zero ohms.

More information on Model 2513T/2533T 3 Wire Isolator
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