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The mainstay of our temperature transmitter line is the field-proven, uniquely packaged model 2800T.  As part of its unique packaging and design, the unit is completely universal for most RTD and input types, but it allows the user to configure it with just two push buttons.  We also offer a traditional line of DIN and Hockey puck type single-function transmitters.

2800 Series Temperature Transmitters
PYRAGON offers the most versatile family of 2-wire temperature transmitters in the industry.  The products range in capabilities from the 2500T/2550T compact DIN rail mount to the fully featured 2800T/2850T temperature transmitter with built-in digital display. 

More Information TouchTemp Model 2800T/2850T 


2800T/2850T Temperature Transmitter 

Formerly made by Transmation, Inc., this universal temperature transmitter can sense 8 T/C types and 9 RTD types, has built-in 2-button programming, 5-digit LCD display, full isolation and RFI/ESD protection (available in 2800T-RFI).  Model 2850T is HART capable.  Available in many mounting options. 

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